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Sweet spot for Montclair's Nicky Mesiah is Presidential Inauguration!!

Montclair’s Miss Nicky Attends Inauguration 2013

Miss Nicky's Gourmet Toffee enjoyed and acknowledged by Bobbi Brown in her latest book!


Mt. Holyoke Quarterly-Spring 2012 that shows 'Miss Nicky's' Gourmet Toffee 'Good Eats stop...Check it out!

Miss Nicky recieved honorable mention in this month's Health and Beauty-take a look!

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Montclair’s Miss Nicky Debuts a New Flavor Toffee Just in Time For the Holidays

Valentine’s Sweets and Treats - "Miss Nickys and Amanti Vino"


Nicky Mesiah offers a healthier take on toffee- like the article says!

She’s a savior for those with a sweet tooth

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Newest, Vegan, Egg-free/dairyfree/cholesterol free 'Galant BFEcookie'-, named after our good friend, writer Debbie Galant-Listen here for her poignant, funny journey & naming this special millet/glutenfree oat crispy cookie! 
'Staycation' Recipes from Event Planner Nicky Mesiah Miss Nicky's Quick & Easy Holiday Leftover Recipes
NorthJersey.com's Karen Schloss Diaz talks of New Year's Eve with Miss Nicky! How to Build a Healthier Decadent Desert!
Gerry, the icing on my cake! - A tribute in the Montclair Times by Nicky Mesiah Miss Nicky’s Quick & Easy Apple Recipes

Miss Nicky's Star Ledger Review!

NY Times Honorable Mention...


New article for 2012 - Choice Cuts: More items on the culinary gift wish list!!

More items on the Culinary gift wish list Oh premium cane sugar , premium cane sugar ... and premium cane sugar Free Too
More culinary gift wishes for the holidays Chocoholic Alert
Tis the Season...for charitable eating Move Over Manischewitz, We've Got The Mesiah!
Experiencing the Result of the Master Cleanse Self Improvement, Adult School Style (Baristanet)
Article: Got Chocolate? New views and details...  
A potpourri of favorite secret indulgences  
Local flavors that add zest to a summer evening
Montclair Historical Society Kitchen tour 2007
Spiking Up a Super Bowl Party A Great Easter Brunch
Too many chefs at the dinner party? Wasn't that a fun day!?
Consistency is critical to culinary success-2009 New article for 2012 - Choice Cuts: More items on the culinary gift wish list!!
Savoring the food at the Iron Skillet Cook-off

January 2009, Miss Nicky's 'Yes We Candy' Toffee for Historic Inaugural, Call now.

February 7, 2009, Red Cross Gala w/surprise announcement.  For tickets, call:973.746.1800.

March 2009, Nicky will teach a course on Making a Perfect Meatloaf-see Montclair Adult School, Spring 2009

April 2009, Nicky will teach a course on Seasonal Eating at CulinAriane Restaurant w/Celebrity Chef Ariane-currently on Bravo TV's 'Top Chef'

Business mending maintains client spending - NJBIZ.com

Dec.11 2008-Miss Nicky's Gourmet Toffee Day at Montclair Red Cross-All donors receive toffee samples! Great way to help your neighbors!
'Miss Nicky's Ultra Thin Chocolate Chip Cookie Day' hosted at the Red Cross
Mesiah Events is happy to sweeten the deal for blood donors at the American
Red Cross of Montclair-Glen Ridge-Nutley's next blood drive held on Thursday
November 13 at 63 Park Street in Montclair.  The blood drive will be held
between 2:30 and 7:30 p.m.
As holidays near people get busier and blood donations slow down, even
though the need does not.  The Red Cross hopes the opportunity to sample
treats from Miss Nicky's of Montclair will bring some new and some familiar
donors into their doors.
Miss Nicky's cookies and desserts are delicious, homemade, and healthy.
Miss Nicky looks forward to sharing her passion of baking with donors who
come out to perform the selfless act of giving blood.
To schedule an appointment to donate and be able to sample her gourmet
ultra-thin chocolate chip cookies, please call the Montclair chapter house
at (973) 746-1800.