Happy Bostonian Customer Chris & Gilda, enjoying Miss Nicky's Chocolate specialties! We're happy to ship that Chocolate ganache cake, etc. 

Jazz House Kids Gala w/Buffalo Ex-pats

Friends=Customers too! Here w/ Former NJ Attorney General Peter Harvey & noted Preservationist & historian Frank GG

Journalist Charisse Jones, author of Misty Copeland books-FAB!
Montclair Film Festival for Misty Copeland
Here w/Michelle Miller of CBS & her lovely daughter Documentary on Misty Copeland for MFF
Montclair HOMECORP's, our new digs!

Birthday Month favors, Miss Nicky's Gourmet Toffee & uber-Healthy BFEcookies (BFE=Butterless.Flourless. Eggless & are vegan/glutenfree/Cholesterol-free ) Crispy Deliciousness!!!

In heaven, at my FAV Restaurant Grenouille NYC for birthday celebration

Here with political strategist Donna Brazile

NY State Lt. Governor & my sister, Francesca at Governor's mansion in Albany

Me & my sister at brunch NY State Governor's mansion

Michael Eric Dyson, at Susan Taylor's 70th Birthday Bash in NYC
Susan Taylor's host Lee Daniels, in background 
Famed restauranteur B. Smith & Husband at Susan Taylor's 70th

CBS Morning News Journalist, Gayle King - chatting up Miss Nicky's. She remembered my special 'Maple Praline Cookies' sent to Dr. Maya Angelou... (Great, memorable cookie too!)

All glammed up by makeup artist Robbie of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, for Bobbi's upcoming 25th Anniversary Book (debut fall 2016) & I had a blast! Many thanks BB!

Miss Nicky's w/Governor Andrew Cuomo & asked about his girlfriend & her bout w/breast cancer? She's doing fine, thank goodness!

Nicky Mesiah with famed makeup artist and good friend, Bobbi Brown
Miss Nicky with Joel Guzman of Ralph Lauren & Yogi Berra
Miss Nicky With Magic Johnson!
Nicky with friend The late Rick James in '97
My sister Dr. Leza Mesiah with R&B singer the Late Lesley Gore, who doesn't remember: 'It's my Party & I'll Cry If I Want To...' -the good ole 'olden days'!
Timolin and Casey Cole, daughters of the late, great Nat King Cole and Mrs. Maria Cole -Big Toffee Fans
Timolin & Casey Cole, daughters of famed singer Nat King Cole & Mrs. Maria Cole at Carla Labat's wedding in Washington, DC
Nicky with Bravo's Network's 'Top Chef'-Ariane Duarte of famed 'CulinAriane' Restaurant in Montclair, NJ. Ariane also prepares all food for Mesiah Event Planners, Inc. functions and parties - (Click Here to see our review in the NY Times)
Older Sister Dr. Leza Mesiah at Nicky's 'Big' Birthday Bash in hometown of Buffalo, NY Hosted by best friend Nan Lipsitz Haynes & husband Dick.
With famed writer and Baristanet website creator Debbie Galant at her booksigning with architect-Frank 'GG', begging for more toffee after finishing the crumbs...
Picture of my Mother and older sister Leza on the right and me on the left
Young fans Gabriel and Noah Casey in Dallas, Texas
Nicky hosting Super Bowl Party at Montclair's 'Spice it Up' Shop with signed football from Hall of Famer: 'Warren Moon'...(look closely, you'll see his signature!)
Now, NY State Governor David Paterson at mutual friend's wedding
Behind the scenes at Wendy Williams Show-in NYC w/stunning stylist 'to the stars'-Deborah Madeiros-Baker whose clients include Bobbi Brown, Vanessa Williams and many, many more...
Nicky Mesiah with Felix Wayne
Miss Nicky celebrates the holiday at estate of Frank GG's-Essex Fells; & Author extraordinaire And Lady Barista herself-Debbie Galant.
Dr. Wolfsohn & daughter Patty with Nicky's Dad and sister Tootsie Buffalo's Campus School Party
Miss Nicky's Campus School friends since 1st Grade Patty Koren (Witt) & Dr. Wendy Katz Great friends, like great toffee & healthy desserts are cherished 'forever'... my, how time flies...
Taylor Dana one of Miss Nicky's youngest customers in Montclair, NJ
Miss Nicky with the esteemed Late Julian Bond
Former Montclair customers enjoying their shipment of Miss Nicky's chocolate desserts in 'London'! Yes, we ship everywhere!! (Their shipment of bittersweet chocolate cake+bittersweet chocolate brownies+bittersweet gluten free cookies, were all in time for Chris's birthday and arrived in less than 36 hrs!) Thanks Gilda & Picotte's!
Cooking with Miss Nicky... A candid moment
Miss New Jersey, enjoying Miss Nicky's Gourmet Toffee at CAS A Fundraiser in Montclair at '3 Sixty Spinning Studio'
Montclair Fire Chief Allen & friend, Jasmine
My Mother's dear friend,(seated in middle)-Mrs. Marilyn Underwood-(yes, mother of actor Blair Underwood) & yes, she lived in Buffalo, NY during my childhood. She was always creatively 'crafting and cooking.'
Nicky Mesiah With Rev.TD Jakes
Nicky in Israel At the 'Wailing Wall'
Nicky's Childhood Buffalo Friends The Lipsitz's & Haynes
Friends Sharon Berg and Allison Evans in NYC
Friends Donald Gottheimer & NY Magazine's Top Doctor Edwin McCampbell
Fellow Mt. Holyoke Chum '9-Ho' & Guest - Good Times!
Sharon Egan, co-owner of Walnut Street Eateries Egan & Sons and Halcyon, speaks to, from left, Nicky Mesiah, Bill Thorpe, and Jinni Rock-Bailey
Sister Dr. Leza Mesiah and My Mother at a Renaissance Party in Dallas, Tx
Miss Nicky with friend Diana Lunin of Tony's Kitchen & Jose at Toast Restaurant! A good snowstorm never keeps Miss Nicky down, (she LOVES snow!)
Pulitzer Prize Musician, George Walker & Nicky Mesiah at Watchung Booksellers in Montclair, NJ
Pulitzer Prize Musician, George Walker & Nicky Mesiah at Watchung Booksellers in Montclair, NJ


Artistic Adornment from Evette Everett - Click below to see more jewerly!

Miss Nicky visiting her sister Dr. Leza Mesiah while attending the new Dallas Opera House.
Cleophus Brown & Lonnie Harris Members of the famed Negro League
Childhood friend from Buffalo-Claudia Northington & attorney Mark Pearce, Esq. celebrating his appointment to NLRB
Kansas City, Missouri at the Negro Baseball League Museum on 7/15/10 for the introduction of the new Negro Baseball League Stamps. Miss Nicky with Kadir Nelson, (illustrator of the new Negro League Stamp & illustrations for Stephen Spielberg, etc.)
Legendary Negro League Baseball Pitcher, 'Mamie "Peanut" Johnson, at reception in Kansas City. Yes, there was a 'female pitcher' in the Negro Leagues.
James 'Jake Sanders'of the KC Monarchs!
Sean Gibson, grandson of Legendary batter "Josh Gibson" chats with Miss Nicky in Kansas City for the introduction of the Negro Baseball League Stamps, at the Negro Baseball League Museum.
Old-Montclairians Sharon Burton Turner & Lincoln Turner at YMCA farewell for director Tom Boynton
Montclair Philantropists: Bob & Bobbi Constable (at farewell for YMCA director Tom Boynton)
My dear friend Cheryl Tyler-(in black dress) in Capetown, South Africa Spreading Miss Nicky's Gourmet Toffee around the world!
At Red Cross Gala, clients Beth & Craig Wilensky They love their Charoset' toffee and 'a great party!'
Nicky Mesiah with dear friend Blair Underwood
Dr. Leza Mesiah with client and Cher, at Dallas Fundraiser (Girls just wanna have Fun!)
Miss Nicky w/Chairman Roslyn Brock at Presidential Reception in NYC
Late Benjamin Hooks w/Julian Bond, Esq.
Celebrating Carla's birthday w/hubby George, D.C.
Neighbor Stephen Colbert, at Montclair's 'Little Read'
Client Nina Paisley Hoban, also my fellow Mt. Holyoke Alumna, sharing family stories of the "MAYFLOWER & DAR".

Howard Fleetwood Wilson-Buffalo neighbor and childhood friend

Howard inducted into Buffalo's Music Hall of Fame 10/2013

Dining w/my dear friend Donald Gottheimer & 'Top Chef' Ariane of CulinAriane Restaurant and food purveyor for Miss Nicky's Events! Fab!
Miss Nicky w/Holocuast Survivor at ceremony in Clifton, quite moving.
My Aunt Gerry, of my famous 'Aunt Gerry's Bourbon Cake'! Thanks for that great recipe, love You!
Exquisite tropical flowers from my florist-George@ Coqui Designs!
Miss Nicky's specialty low calorie birthday cake presented to food columnist and PR exec Karen Schloss Diaz--(red velvet layer/chocolate layer filled w/fresh whipped cream & topped w/Bobbi cookie!)
Buffalo neighbor Miles Fleetwood Wilson, young toffee lover.
Mom with Harry Lipsitz, Park School Graduation Party.
NJ Top Officials at Holocaust Memorial Ceremony
The best oysters at Ritz in Dallas!
Poor Vicki of Chelsea Square, Upper Montclair, NJ--now has to hobble to get toffee for her customers--but still gorgeous as ever!
My master florist George at Coqui Designs, with a mammoth basket of fall florals
Quiet Elegance, courtesy of Coqui Designs!
Miss Nicky at Bobbi Brown's booksigning--see page 280 for acknowledgement of 'Miss Nicky's' & try Bobbi's favorite 'Miss Nicky's Splenda Toffees & my "Bobbi Cookie". (Bobbi cookie is Flourless-Butterless-Eggless FLAX/oatmeal/raisin/nut! Healthy treats rule!)
Bobbi's son Duke couldn't wait to devour his mom's toffee, so she conceded... Yep, even the hip, young set know great taste.
My dearest southern belle Cheryl and her cousin-publicist Mary Elizabeth with Cheryl's former college hairdresser 'Dwight'-(of Bravo TV's" Housewives of Atlanta") Looking Good Dwight...!
Fire Chief Allen hosting a Little Read event at the Firehouse. Here with friends Robin and her grandson Benjamin.
Montclair's Little Read and some of my favorite fans; from L to R- Diana Stewart-MPLF, Exercise guru Angel Williams, Warren Levinson-well-known newsman and our Ole Blue Eyes and his wife-writer Debbie Galant, founder of our #1 website, Baristanet.
Diana Stewart, of the Montclair Library's 2nd Annual 'Little Read'- at Bobbi Brown's Studio
Esteemed Harvard Professor Charles Ogletree in Kansas City, Mo.-after Law Luncheon and booksigning
Harvard Professor Charles Ogletree with Margot Sage-El, at her Watchung Booksellers 'Booksigning'-in Montclair, NJ-not an empty seat in the house! "...a mind IS a terrible thing to waste..."
'Mt. Holyoke' Alums Nina & Judy, along with Judy's son Theo, surprise Miss Nicky at her Bloomingdale's debut
Miss Nicky w/Baron Frank GG at initial Bloomingdale's debut
At Bloomingdale's Short Hills, debuting/sampling Miss Nicky's Gourmet Toffee along with Culinary Specialist Sajal-Thanks Sajal!
Miss Nicky's handsome Dad and beautiful Mom along with our dear friends, The Garver's. The Garver's were composting 40 years ago + introduced me to camping under the stars, and an appreciation of nature and wildlife. As kids, it was at their estate where I had my first raw string bean and healthy foods from 'farm directly to their table'. Thanks for all of these great times, including those annual solstice parties, cassoulet, Annalise 'chicken cacciatore', Julia-Cecilie-Geoff-Mimi, Blooming Hills, etc. (Don't forget Quebec & Nova Scotia-'71, LOL!)
Miss Nicky's 'parents', toasting on their 60th wedding anniversary (11/10). Great genes, must attribute to Miss Nicky's healthy treats...LOL. Their favorite toffee flavor, 'cashew'.
Miss Nicky's parents, 60th Anniversary! Love my parents!
Uncle Benny and Aunt Kathy Lauricella, with their daughter Deneen and granddaughter
NBC's Apprentice Winner, Randal Pickett
My dear friend Sharon Berg, visiting from Israel & taking back Miss Nicky's back home
Miss Nicky shares moment at Watchung Booksellers for Carla Horowitz's booksigning. Carla was one of Miss Nicky's 1st customers too! Thanks Carla!
Miss Nicky's gets Laid, that is: Her donor brick has been laid at the Montclair Public Library, by library personnel Tim! Thanks Tim!
Mt. Holyoke chums Judy and Nina, with (Judy's son Theo)-prepare a cake for Miss Nicky's annual birthday dinner! My favs are 'chocolate & whipped cream', ...only great basics for Miss Nicky!
Ruth Gottheimer and grand-daughter Emily
The Gottheimer's: (l-r) Marla & Josh, Grandma & Emily
Jordan Gottheimer w/mom, Kim Gottheimer at his bar mitzvah-Mazel Tov!
Friend Donald Gottheimer w/grand-daughter Ellie@nephew Jordan's Bar Mitzvah
Berekti, owner of Mesob where Miss Nicky's vegan cookies can be found w/fellow foodie Gabrielle Hamilton of famed Prune Restaurant, NYC
White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett w/Senator Menendez at Eagleton Institute at Rutgers University
Illustrious Julian Bond & wife Pam Horowitz- love them! (Chairman Bond loves My Aunt Gerry's Bourbon Cake but Pam's a diehard Miss Nicky's Toffee fan!)

Jeannette of Aunt Jean's 'Toys & Treats', is where Miss Nicky finds the perfect toys and treats too! Visit her great store on Willow & Glenridge Ave!!

Toffee Lovers & restauranteurs Michael of Passionne & Demetri-(now at il Giotto), enjoying restaurant week at Table 8--so gooooood!
First Female Firefighter Imelda, graciously reading at the Firehouse for Montclair's Little Read! Thanks Imelda! f
Friends gathered for laying of Miss Nicky's brick at The Library: (l-r)- Beverly Riddick-director HomeCORP; Diana Lunin-Library Board Member/Volunteer & Anita Peterson-Montclair Library Foundation Staff
Trudy Chambers with Birkson & wife Candy
Dr's Berlin & NY Magazine's 'Top Doctor'-Ed McCampbell, who keep me healthy
Amy McCampbell-Baluzy and brother Scott McCampbell
Baristanet's Debbie Galant w/parents & sister, in for Margot's graduation!
Liza & Havis, at Margot's graduation party. Liza, I see that we both shop at 'Dem2Hands' in Montclair! (I have the long dress...)
Lucy Belle & the late Beau, enjoying a day in the sun in Williamsburg, Va.
Miss Nicky's at benefit @Bloomingdale's, Short Hills
Miss Nicky loves her commentary & from her favorite weekend show-Journalist Nancy Giles!
My life-savers & cronies, Dr. Ed & Vicki McCams-thanks for saving my life too!
Happy Birthday Taylor Dana! Love You, thanks Mary!
Aside from Miss Nicky's, I crave 'pistachio panna cotta' from il Giotto. Did you really expect that Karen and I would leave any behind?
Meet the ever-so-sophisticated Lucy Diaz, who like her mom, appreciates great food, handbags & fashion. Hmm, wonder if she will become a food editor/columnist too?
Lucy and Karen Schloss Diaz visit Miss Nicky's table at Farmer's Day opening day
Remember cover girl & high fashion model Louise Vyent from the Netherlands, who graced the pages of Vogue, etc.? Well, she lives in Montclair too! Also at Euphoria Boutique-for cool jeans/casual clothing
Councilman Rich Murnick @YMCA's annual 'Walk/Run' Event-(his favorite is Miss Nicky's Charoset'tofee)
Miss Nicky's Toffee & Cookie favors for guests at Karin's party @Giotto
Karen Wagner & host Jack Bowers, hosting surprise party for Karin at Giotto. (More pistachio panne cotta, yippee!)
Lovely Amanda Bowers, at mom's surprise party
Birthday Girl Karin Nelson with Betsy Berra
Deb Madeiros-Baker, stylist to Bobbi, Wendy Williams & many, many others@Bar Mitzvah
Linda, Bobbi & their funny Mom at Ner Tamid
Melissa Walker, Crystal Gaynor-(my mega-trainer from 360cycling studio) and her Tim
Trainer Crystal Gaynor w/Me at Bar Mitzvah-Girls Wanna Fun...
Miss Nicky w/newly Bar Mitzvah'd "DWSP"...Mazel Tov "D"!
Honorable Senator Nia Gill & Thurston
Bar Mitzvah candle celebration
Cliff Virgin, at Jesse Branson's Birthday party@ Club House in Montclair
One of my 'ace-boon-coons', arbiter of good taste & etiquette Susan Hillard at her summer abode in Duck Island. Thanks Susan, invite me back annually please.
Miss Patti LaBelle, Diva Extraordinaire, was also at the Fancy Food Show promoting her line of spices.
At Fancy Food Show with reality star Chris, (husband to Jacqueline on Housewives of NJ). Chris was here launching their new 'BLK' water line!
Miss Nicky runs into Housewives of NJ reality stars: Carolyn Manzo& Jacqueline. Both were down to earth and 'lovely' and thanked me for watching! (Yes, I am hooked on the Housewives series...LOL!)
Famed chef Cat Cora w/Miss Nicky at Fancy Food Show. Cat is the only female 'Iron Chef' winner! Girl Power, Go Cat!
'Pretty M'POWerful Chilly-Millie' Cookie
Miss Nicky Loves Nature & Wildlife
Handsome Virginia legislator, Rep. Bobby Scott discussing Miss Nicky's...
Miss Nicky's love of scarves, modeling a handmade scarf by her friend Fran Liscio @Hospice Benefit. Fran-a professional photographer, has her photos transferred onto heavyweight silk or, cotton. Love them!
Yankee Great Yogi Berra sharing a moment w/Miss Nicky at the St. Barnabas Hospice Luncheon Benefit@Pleasantdale Chateau
Miss Nicky's #1 Man, her Father!
Montclair Times Elizabeth Oguss w/husband David. (Elizabeth had Miss Nicky's Cookies at her wedding instead of a traditional cake! Thank you Elizabeth....)
Friend, Bravo-Top Chef Carla Hall at CulinAriane Restaurant
Miss Nicky's sisters at brunch w/childhood friend Ellen Goldstein of the Buffalo JFed
WBGO radio-jazz personality-Buffalo native Sheila Anderson w/Miss Nicky's Mom and Betty Chern-Hughes of Texas
Miss Nicky's Dad & cousins Dr. Everett Scott & Hughey
Cousins & family enjoying the festivities
Porgy and Bess in NYC with handsome Norm Lewis...(who was also Inspector Javert of Les Miserables!) It was my Mt. Holyoke College Alum who brought back this legendary production) Love the Arts!
My friend Judy's 60th Birthday Bash, combo spa party & pajama party...soo much fun!
Girlie Party.....
Maria & Raina Lipsitz, at Union Square Cafe
Miss Nicky with Daphne Oz & Emily-at "The Chew"
Miss Nicky with friend Emily Gottheimer, on 'The Chew'
Baby naming ceremony for Paloma Grace Menez w/proud parents 'Braedon & Dave'
NYC's, 'La Grenouille's famous 'Souffle', a favorite of Miss Nicky
Miss Nicky celebrating her video at her favorite restaurant in the world: "La Grenouille", in NYC. Naturally, Miss Nicky eats dessert first & it's always her favorite 'chocolate souffle' w/fresh whipped cream!
Miss Nicky w/Jazz personality Sheila Anderson
My thanks to Mt Holyoke College Alum 'Nina Paisley Hoban', for making my favorite birthday cake, 'deep, dark chocolat w/fresh whipped cream! (A day off for Miss Nicky...)
Sister Dr. Leza Mesiah w/Lea Solanga & Terrance Mann of 'Les Mis' fame
Sister Dr. Leza Mesiah of Dallas, with Cathy Rigby
Miss Nicky meets legend & model Pat Cleveland @Montclair Film Festival
Sister Dr. Leza Mesiah w/my Dad, at Delaware Park for annual prostate cancer's 'Dash for Dad's' Race on Father's Day morn
My Dad officiating Buffalo's annual prostate cancer run 'Dash for Dad's' along w/Buffalo Bills great Thurmon Thomas & County Executive Polancarz
Dad, the best guy Ever with Buffalo Bills great running back-Thurman Thomas
Miss Nicky reunites with childhood school chum & now 'Colorado' restaurateur Jimmy Cohen. I still remember his Bar Mitzvah party - (100 yrs ago) LOL! Hint: I wore my fashionable 'fishnet stockings', the rage at 13!
Longtime Buffalo Neighbor Howard Fleetwood Wilson, with son Miles
Sharron Miller, of Sharron Miller's Academy for the Performing Arts -taking a Miss Nicky's Toffee break
Little Daisy Bakeshop owners Jennifer Snyder with Jessica Siegel at Toni's Kitchen Bake-Off. (Little Daisy Bake Shop carry Miss Nicky's Healthy Vegan BFE-Cookies. BFE=BUTTERLESS-FLOURLESS-EGGLESS) Yippie!!
Miss Nicky's Award winning 'Bittersweet Chocolate Brownies w/fresh organic Raspberries', takes the Prize at the 1st Toni's Kitchen Bake-off!
w/Alison & Sharon in NYC, enjoyed a great Broadway Play 'Clybourne Park'--Loved it!
My sister, Dr. Leza Mesiah, w/some of her pirate bards!
Miss Nicky w/ABC anchor Lauren Glassberg & PR-Foodie Karen Schloss Diaz @Samba Restaurant, Montclair NJ
Celebrating the birthday of Miss Nicky's Mom's 89th Birthday! Mazel-Mom, Love You! Isn't my Mom Gorgeous!
Miss Nicky spreading the 'Joy of Miss Nicky's Gourmet Toffee' in NYC
Miss Nicky's Mom & friend at Victorian Luncheon, Buffalo NY.
The Spinsterlicious Life by Eleanore Wells -I am happily quoted on page 122!

Had the pleasure of meeting one of my hero's, the handsome Dr. Oz, while taping a segment for his show! (Hmm, these heart surgeons are lean & healthy) ..makes me want to 'run' to the nearest treadmill....'stat'!

Holiday Party @CulinAriane Restaurant w/Top Chef Ariane's family

Top Chef Ariane of CulinAriane Restaurant, enjoying family party w/gorgeous daughters & family! Ariane, where are my 'bacon-wrapped dates?' LOL!

Miss Nicky w/friend Joseph Clore without Pam Grier...LOL!

Miss Nicky's does Church Street, Montclair & debuted at the ever-so-chic 'Amanti-Vino', thank you Sharon! Vino+Toffee! Both Original & Mazel-Toffee, can be found here!

Always Community minded, Miss Nicky's volunteers to be a part of Montclair's MFEE townwide Holiday 'House Tour'-w/top eateries

Miss Nicky's @Montclair Kimberley Academy's Holiday Boutique w/youngest visitor, enjoying our BFEcookies

Needed an orange lipstick that popped & who better than at the Bobbi Brown Counter to pick that 'perfect shade'-stays on forever....

Lovely afternoon, listening to local Kenyon College student Jason Cerf, son of Julie & Monty Cerf, and the Kenyon College Choral Group-great!

The Official Program that accompanies your Presidential Inaugural tickets, it's like an 8 page invite...

1st Lady Michelle Obama's vegetable garden, a part of her 'Let's Move' campaign to end childhood obesity

Miss Nicky arrives early to beat the Inaugural crowds

I suggest that you witness a Presidential Inaugural 1st hand. I also attended President Bill Clinton's & Los Lobos was the entertainment @Smithsonian. It's 'our Nation' at its finest'...

With cousin Hugh Scott Jr.-in DC, after giving him 2 tickets to Inaugural! He said it was the best time 'ever'-(after attending the BET Party & Convention Center Ball w/Jamie Foxx, Stevie Wonder on piano, Alicia Keys playing piano, Doug E. Fresh & so much more...)

Guest @Bob Johnson's Pre-Inaugural party @Portrait Gallery in DC-(former owner of BET network)

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.-Memorial in DC-Inauguration 2013

"It's a Beautiful Morning"-a la John Sebastian style--waiting for that break of dawn for 5.5 hrs in 32 degree weather to witness the historic swearing in of our 44th President Obama

Official ticket to the Presidential Inauguration, swearing-in ceremony at our Nation's Capitol in Washington, DC

Sharing history @Inaugural 2013 w/dear friend & ace.boon.c...Cheryl Tyler-(who was the 1st Black woman assigned to Presidential detail...beginning with former President George HW Bush)
Funny man Steve Harvey & his stunning wife Marjorie--seated a few rows behind me @Inaugural 2013

Of Course, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...my parents wedding day-just 62 yrs ago & equally as stunning and wonderful today! I LOVE MY PARENTS! Thanks Mom & Dad for giving me a great foundation and life!

Ran into NJ Housewives Caroline Manzo & Jacqueline again...both are genuinely nice women on a crazy show...LOL!

In line @Watchung Booksellers, just met actress Julie Andrews who signed her latest book 'The Very Fairy Princess' Follows Her Heart..... (sounds like someone near & dear to my heart...LOL?)

Vanessa Williams Tweeted:

April 16, 2013 * Love Miss Nicky's @NickyMesiah #Organic #Vegan #GF BFE Cookies! #Butterless #Flourless #Eggless. My Fav's, Thx!

Vanessa Williams First Tweet:

April 6, 2013 Thanks to Miss Nicky's Gourmet Toffee @NickyMesiah for my delicious treats! Glad you enjoyed our show @bountifulBway!

Go See Vanessa in 'A Trip to Bountiful'

Dartmouth Alum, Keith Jackson--assisting Miss Nicky in NYC. (Beware of those Dartmouth men....)
Here's a photo of 1 of my favorite salads along with the book The Spinsterlicious Life by Eleanore Wells -I am happily quoted on page 122!
Ice-T, at Montclair Film Festival
With Mt. Holyoke College 'roommate' Emilykaye & her husband Mitch
Top Vegan Chef Sally Owens & Miss Nicky cook @Williams Sonoma's 1st Vegan Day!
Miss Nicky's always, baked FRESH by hand
Hmm, Miss Nicky, caught after eating her hot cookie...LOL!
Miss Nicky's #1 Fans, her Parents
NBC's 'George to the Rescue' @HOMEcorp's 25th Anniversary w/Miss Nicky
Pitcher Dwight Gooden passing thru town...used to see him live.....some of my old baseball ticket stubs when Gooden pitched too
Cousin A.Christophe from New Orleans
My Talented cousin, artist Jennifer Packer @StudioMuseum, Harlem
With Ballerina Misty on Pointe, Copeland - the most gorgeous gams 'ever'
Celebrating my Beautiful Mom's 90th Birthday w/sister Tootsie -(all AKA's)
Voila, Miss Nicky's Vegan/Organic BFEcookies gets sandwiched w/vegan custard-courtesy of PositiviTea Cafe, Verona NJ
Raw/Vegan Chef Abe @PositivTea -made mock ice cream sandwiches with my vegan BFEcookies
With my organic/vegan glutenfree BFEcookie with organic-vegan custard, courtesy and collaboration @PositiviTea, Verona NJ
Miss Nicky's practicing what she preaches, walking the walk in Harlem-met tourist Yaz along the way to good health!


Dianne Wenz, VLC, HHC, AADP (aka blogger 'Veggie Girl' and goes by 'Chic Vegan' on Facebook ) is a Holistic Health Counselor, Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Plant-Based Nutrition Specialist. Dianne coaches people from across the country to help them improve their health and wellbeing, and she helps people make the dietary and lifestyle changes needed to go vegan.

Click here to check out her article about Miss Nicky!
Delish Vegan BFEcookies-Baked 'fresh' daily
My sister Dr. Leza Mesiah w/Lady Antebellum-cooool!
Miss Nicky's Stunning Mother at 90 yrs old, great genes 'phew'..LOL!
Levinson Prince with sister/actress & blogger Margot
Miss Nicky's Vegan BFEcookies, make great party & dinner favors
Someone's got to make your cookies?

Photographer Lisa Wisniewski with Buche de Noel

With Maestro Chef/Owner Michael Duarte of CulinAriane Resto
Spreading the love chef's table- at CulinAriane Restaurant

Top Vegan Blogger 'Veggie-Girl' Dianne Wenz w/Hubby

My Favorite Vegan Birkin-esque Bag...LOL!

Mom & Barb C.... the Best!

Cousin Trudy with her BFF's: 'Greenbaum's & Tobe's

Family & Friends share the holiday

Ashley w/Ellie, who loves her Vegan BFEcookies! Never too young to begin healthy eating habits...

Childhood Buffalo chums David Ehrenreich, Nan & Dick

Surprise Birthday Brunch, courtesy of dear friend 9-Ho
With WBGO Jazz Historian-DJ Sheila Anderson
Sharing Miss Nicky's Toffee with Accounts at Jazz House Kids Fundraiser
With S.Epatha Merkerson at Jazz House Kids Fundraiser
Miss Nicky prepping for NJ-Super Bowl parties
30+ years ago, at Nan's wedding & Mary on the left
...and, here we are 30+ years later....Mary, Nan & Me
Miss Nicky goes  'au naturel-(gray/ombre) Here @MishMishCafe w/Giang
Taking the train, look for our delicious, healthy, vegan "BFEcookies" at Yogic Chai, Amanti Vino, Mesob & Terra Tea Salon
My good friends Debbie Galant & husband Warren 

My dear friend, writer Debbie Galant - recent breast cancer survivor holding her bag of Miss Nicky's newly created cookie for her, called the gallant "Galant"

Catching up w/old chum O Sistrunk 
Childhood friends from Buffalo, NY -in sunny Buffalo
Miss Nickys Stunning Mother, Love You Mom! ♡♡♡
Jewelry designer Evette Everett & WBGO-88.3 Jazz on-air's Sheila Anderson
Friends Diane & Arts Council's Sharon Burton-Turner
Bergen County Candidate Josh Gottheimer 
Montclair @Fresco's Italian Car Show: Officer Ed & Joe Wakile-(son of Bravo TV-NJ Housewife Kathy Wakile)
Our Vegan Bobbi "BFEcookies" =Butterless.Flourless. Eggless w/Organic Flax is Perfect for any road trip too!
Fresh Direct,  Yes!!!!
I support Montclair's "Coffee with a Cop", including Police Chief Sabagh & diverse Team
Our Banner Hangs High at Montclair YMCA, supporting Health & Wellness
Montclair's YMCA Annual 'Walk-Run' w/1 of Miss Nicky's youngest fans "Go Z"
Opening Day at Montclair's Farmer's Market
Our BFEcookie, the "MC3"=Millet Chocolate Chip Cookie -Yum, Yum!
At WatchungBooksellers Cookbook Signing for Zakarian, Sunny Anderson & Katie Lee- Thanks to Ray Helfrich
Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson spoke, as we honor our Troops
Love this sandwich board @KlingArts Gallery, Walnut Street for Toffee fix!
Nicci of handmade DollyMoo Body Products w/Sarah of MishMish Cafe
Author & fellow Buffalo Gal, Ylonda Gault-Caviness at her WatchungBooksellers signing
Love Margot w/more Buffalo Gals, Ylonda & Andrea
At Montclair Film Festival & famed photographer Tony Turner
Oops, looks like Costanera's great "Tres Leches" Cake, from owners Chef Juan & Tati
Montclair Golf Club for Shelley & HOMEcorp w/ friends Linda,  Jack & Karin (never a bad meal there...)
We insist upon great packaging, to complement our Great treats!
My friend, Montclair Time's Food Columnist Karen Schloss-Diaz, exercising cuz 'we love to eat'...
My MishMish Lunch "Bunch"...we love great food
Ricardo of Montclair's Yogic Chai-(Bay St Train) & designer Tracey Diamond as I re-stock our BFEcookies & get my chai on....
Essex Fells, celebrating Dorothy's birthday w/FrankGG, bien sur! Ciao!